The Big Leak Movie Trailer


The largest natural gas leak ever recorded is happening now in Los Angeles and HEET has helped to send a research and film team to document it. The leak is from an old oil well being used to store natural gas under high pressure.  Some part of the well has cracked and the gas is gushing out into a wealthy suburb.

  • It’s increasing California’s emissions by 25%
  • 3,000 local households have been evacuated
  • Planes aren’t allowed overhead for fear they’ll blow up

The company responsible says that the leak can’t be fixed until March.

So HEET has connected renown experts Boston University Professor Nathan Phillips and Bob Ackley of Gas Safety with the award-winning VineBrook filmmaking crew and they have driven out with a lot of high-tech equipment to document the gas leak.

At the leak, they took readings and interviewed residents and local experts.  Some of the images from their data are shown in the video on the right above.  They will post their data soon, making everything open source for researchers and reporters.

VineBrook wants to create a video trailer from the footage that educates people and raises money for a full-length documentary on the subject of gas leaks.

Generous donors have already paid for the cost of the filming and production of the trailer.  Ackley and Professor Phillips are donating their time and equipment.  We only need to raise more money to pay for the editing of the trailer.

  1. Donating toward the trailer is tax deductible.
  2. You’ll help educate others.
  3. AND your name will be in the credits of a movie filmed near Hollywood.
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