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HEET (Home Energy Efficiency Team) is a Cambridge-based non-profit organization with a mission to catalyze community engagement and develop hands-on educational opportunities to advance energy efficiency skills and clean energy knowledge to achieve climate stability and create resilient communities.

HEET is one of the only local groups that provides free and practical education to local communities, teaching people how to reap the benefits of energy and water efficiency measures. In order to fight climate change, all of us must work together. We accomplish this by organizing Energy-Upgrade Work-Parties, where volunteers under the guidance of skilled team leaders perform the tasks necessary to make a building more energy efficient. A survey has show that over 70% of our volunteers take four or more of the hands-on skills we teach back to their homes to reduce energy use there. The work also lowers the energy bills for the host organization, allowing it to spend more on helping its community.

We partner with the city governments on our initiatives such as the Cambridge Solar Challenge (during which the number of residential solar installations increased ten-fold over the normal rate of solar installations in Cambridge).

Since its inception, HEET has made a deep commitment to serve low-income communities. Many non-profits (such as preschools, food pantries and community centers) lack the in-house knowledge and resources to repair and operate their buildings efficiently. The resulting energy bills can be quite crippling. These non-profits function as the backbone of local economy and wellbeing of the community. HEET helps them save money and reduce energy use, inspiring them to leapfrog to a cleaner and smarter energy future.

For its efforts to cut carbon and its commitment to create resilient communities, HEET has received a significant recognition in the past five years.

Our Scope:


HEET’s Geographic Focus:
– Urban Centers of Cambridge and Boston
– Towns of Boston Metro Area within Approximately 60 Miles Radius of City of Boston
[Credit: Google Maps 2014]

We work in the Metro Boston Area, primarily Cambridge and Boston. Some of the towns we have worked in include Arlington, Dorchester, Hyde Park, Maynard, Roxbury, Somerville, Waltham, Watertown and Worcester.

We have provided our services to methadone clinics, homeless shelters, food pantries, community centers, and many historic churches.

We empower urban communities to utilize the Mass Save services and rebates available to them. These underserved communities pay for these services through a surcharge on their energy bills but tend to use them less than suburban wealthy neighborhoods.

From experience, we have found that working with the three critical stakeholder groups—residents, non-profits serving these communities, and small businesses that are critical to local economies—can catalyze the deepest transformation in the community’s mindset, economic wellbeing, as well as its impact on the environment.

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