Get an Assessment

HEET recommends HomeWorks Energy for residents to get no-cost home energy-assessments.

Sign up now or call to learn more.

The no-cost home energy assessment will:

• Install efficient lighting and programmable thermostats to reduce your electricity and heating bills.

• Install low-flow water efficiency devices that reduce your water bill.

• Sign you up for rebates such as adding insulation or upgrading common-area lighting in apartment buildings.
• Enable you to get rebated “air-sealing” work in the basement that can reduce or stop your need for an exterminator.  (Spray foam was originally invented to stop mice and rats from getting into a home).
• Check the heating system for combustion safety.

Why pay more?

If you get electricity from Eversource, National Grid, or Western Mass Electric, you already pay for these assessments through a surcharge on your energy bills.  You’ve probably been paying for the service for years. You might as well use it.

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