Host an Energy-Upgrade

Want to make your non-profit’s building more energy efficient?

Host an energy-upgrade work-party.

  • First, contact HEET.
  • HEET audits your building, then draws up an action plan and a list of necessary materials.
  • You approve the work you want, pay for the materials, schedule the event, and recruit volunteers. HEET’s network can help provide additional volunteers.
  • HEET coordinates the work-party on site at the scheduled date and time.
  • HEET shares the highlights of the work-party through our website, newsletter, blog, etc.
  • At the parties, HEET’s team leaders teach volunteers hands-on skills in energy efficiency, while we work together to make the building more efficient. Typical work items include decreasing the draftiness of a building and installing electricity- and water-saving measures.
  • After the work is finished, we share food and celebrate!

HEET’s online survey showed over 70% of our volunteers use their new skills in their own homes.

Our upgrade parties:

  • Teach energy efficiency skills.
  • Reduce energy bills so your organization can spend on core services instead.
  • Socially market stewarding the planet.
  • Increase community engagement.

Your cost:

Your organization pays for the materials as well as food and drink: $500 on average.

The work is free, since it’s all provided by volunteers.

Your savings:

In a non-profit like a church, synagogue, or mosque, our work lowers the energy and water bills by $1,000 per year on average.
The work should last for 7 years, saving over $7,000 in all.

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