In Dollars

HEET’s efforts have saved more than $2.7 million in energy and water bills over the lifetime of the measures installed.

Our upgrades on an average sized non-profit in Boston or the surrounding area lowers the energy and water bills by $1,000 per year on average.

The work typically lasts seven years, saving over $7,000 in the life of the installed upgrade. These are significant savings for non-profits that are financially strapped and small businesses for which every penny saved is a penny earned.

We keep track of the work we do in each building and follow industry-standard methods of estimating energy savings from that work.

Our follow-up on the buildings we’ve worked on in Cambridge shows that over 90% of the devices we installed two years ago are still installed and saving energy.

Detailed Analysis of Savings (Per Device):


Annual Energy & Water Savings

Annual CO2 Savings

Annual $ Saved

Savings Last on Average

CFL (Replacing an incandescent bulb)

50 kWh

64 lbs


7 years

Programmable Thermostat

40 therms

520 lbs


10 years

Switch computer system preferences

100 kWh

128 lbs


3 years

Reduction in the draftiness of a home by 100 cubic feet per minute

7 therms

91 lbs


10 years

Low-flow shower head

14 therms & 4500 gallons of water

182 lbs


7 years

Low-flow faucet aerator

4 therms & 1314 gallons of water

52 lbs


7 years

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