The Squeaky Leak Gets Fixed

The Problem
Natural gas is sent to our homes and buildings primarily through pipes under the street. Some of these pipes are over 100 years old and leaking.

Natural gas leaks:
• Can cause explosions
• Kill trees by attracting bacteria to their roots
• Are harmful to human health
• Are an extraordinarily potent greenhouse gas
• Waste a valuable fossil fuel that has been harvested through fracking

To add insult to injury, the utilities don’t pay for the gas that is wasted through leaks, but pass that cost onto the ratepayers by factoring it into the price we pay per therm.

The utilities have to fix only the leaks that are potentially explosive and the ones that have the most environmental significance. Fixing the average leak costs $2,500 and, according to State Rep. Lori Ehrlich, saves that many dollars in gas within two years.  Leaks never get better, but only worse over time.

We have created maps of gas leaks in:
Over 200 Massachusetts municipalities using data reported by the utilities.
Cambridge and Somerville using a high-precision natural gas analyzer.

We want to make sure effective legislation and local action are taken as soon as possible to reduce the leaks not only in Massachusetts, but across the country.

Thanks to some of our donors:
• David Salomon
• Ben Silton
• Barbara Miller
• Jeremy Marin
• Dean Stevens
• Jonathon and Alicia Hunt
• Stuart and Joanna Brown Charitable Fund
• Clean Water Fund
• Boston Mothers Out Front

Please donate to allow us to map all the cities and towns in Massachusetts and to analyze the results. These maps help residents and legislators viscerally understand this issue as local and important.

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