Somerville and Cambridge

HEET mapped all the natural gas leaks in Cambridge and Somerville and made the information public. For the first time, the cities and its residents had access to information about local natural gas leaks.

How we did it

HEET recruited Bob Ackley of Gas Safety USA, a professional with 30 years experience, to drive down every street in Cambridge and Somerville with a GPS-enabled high precision natural gas analyzer to record any elevated levels of natural gas. The data was mapped to Google Earth.

HEET then analyzed the data from both cities with assistance from Boston University Professor Nathan Phillips, a renown expert, and others.

What we found

We found 780 gas leaks, which means that:
• Over $3 million dollars of ratepayer money is wasted every year.
• Over 225 trees have been damaged or killed from natural gas in the soil.
• The wasted gas—95% methane—damages the climate more than the combined emissions of all the cars driven in the two cities.

Learn more

Squeaky Leak Report
Cambridge maps of leaks and key findings
• Somerville maps of leaks and key findings

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