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Help Fix Our Natural Gas Infrastructure!

PLEASE DONATE to allow us to map natural gas leaks across Massachusetts and analyze the results. Maps help residents and legislators viscerally understand this issue as local and important.

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Support HEET’s Energy Upgrade Work Parties!

HEET continues to organize Energy Upgrade Work Parties in the buildings of local organizations.  We have helped save millions of dollars in energy and water bills.  You can support HEET and ensure we can continue to teach hands-on skills to many more people and help organizations serving our communities save money and cut carbon. .

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Help Worst Energy Hogs Get A Deep Energy Upgrade!

Help us get deep energy retrofits for the worst energy hog buildings of nonprofits of our communities.  Many nonprofits have annual energy bills (heat + electricity) over $15,000 total for their building(s).  This high energy usage hurts the planet, and the organization struggles to pay the energy bills.  Nonprofits located in Boston, Cambridge, Quincy or Salem could receive >$35,000 […]

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29.49% Funded
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