EJAir Partners with All In Energy to Support Weatherization in Boston Communities

December 14, 2021

Our newest program, EJAir (Environmental Justice Air), is partnering with the non-profit All In Energy to help improve the connection between environmental justice communities and Mass Save’s weatherization and energy efficiency upgrades. 

Energy efficiency upgrades can reduce carbon emissions, save households money and improve air quality. 

Through this new partnership, EJAir will provide outreach to connect residents to All In Energy as an entry point for Mass Save programs. All In Energy has worked extensively in Boston communities and understands factors that make it harder to access energy efficiency programs, such as language barriers and confusing utility bill charges. 

Together, our two nonprofits are beginning joint outreach to Dorchester, Roxbury, Charlestown and other Boston communities to provide resources and assistance to residents who wish to access home energy assessments, income-eligible energy-efficiency programs, and multifamily efficiency programs. 

Learn more about this partnership here.