Intern Perspectives: Dylan Ayers Reflects on his Experience Working with HEET

July 9, 2014

Dylan Ayers joined HEET in the beginning of 2014 through Northeastern's Cooperative Education and Career Development Program (Co-op), bringing his unique life experiences and fresh perspective to the team. During his final week as HEET's Community Outreach Intern, we asked him to  share  what he valued most about his time with us and to impart some of what he has learned. Here is "Dylan's Blog":

Today marks the last day of my 6 month stay with the Home Energy Efficiency Team. What can I say about my  time? So  many things, of course. There were the wonderful people, the exciting projects,  and the chance to meet and talk to real  people and organizations about issues I  care about. There is one thing, however, that really sticks out in my mind. This is what I will continue to think about as each year passes by as I reflect back on my time with HEET...

 Throughout my work, I saw real change happening faster than I ever have in my life. I saw people  interested  in supporting ideas that they were passionate about through the donation of their time and money. I saw effort - young and old, people are coming together to try to solve a global calamity which our national leadership refuses to address: climate change. HEET is an organization that is taking action to empower others to help fill the gap. I will not forget the hard-working and dedicated people who realize the greatest resource we have is the land we walk on and the people it supports. If there is anything that I have come away with, it is the motivation to give back. Support HEET. Support local nonprofits. Support clean, renewable energy. Most of all support your community.Thank you Lilah, Audrey, and Ashka and thank you Sunbug Solar, RISE Engineering, and the cities of Boston and Cambridge. I am so grateful to have been a part of this amazing team.-Dylan Ayers