Kickstart Mass Applications Enter Evaluation Period

January 24, 2024

HEET’s Kickstart Mass funding opportunity is providing grants of up to $50,000 to 7-10 Massachusetts communities to assess potential sites for geothermal networks, thanks to support from MassCEC. The grants will enable the scaling of this pathway to a clean-energy future and help the selected communities access further funding opportunities.

We were very excited to see so much interest from people across the state who attended our informational webinars and reached out with questions—and we were impressed by the quality of the applications we received.

Submissions are now being evaluated by internal and external review teams. We look forward to notifying grant recipients by end of January and to sharing more details in coming newsletters.

With the Massachusetts Dept. of Public Utilities’ new regulatory strategy to move the Commonwealth away from natural gas, laid out in Order 20-80, we anticipate a growing need for shovel-ready pilot installations. HEET will continue to be a resource for cities and towns seeking to transition off gas, and we look forward to supporting those efforts with anticipated future funding opportunities.