More Conversations with Our Community

October 1, 2020

We’ve continued our series of Community Conversations so you can hear about what we’re doing at HEET and talk with us about it. 

In the second round, both HEET staff and our amazing allies shared important experiences with our supporters. Participants brought their opinions and their sense of humor! As always, we are excited to learn with you and from you.

If you missed a conversation or want to revisit one, they’re posted on our Youtube channel:

6/10 Boston Electric Capacity: Which homes are ready for electrification?

6/26 Laufing Gas: What is lost and unaccounted for gas, and is it funny?

6/28 Mapping Cambridge Energy Infrastructure: Mapping a city to prep for energy transition.

6/30 Super-Emitting Gas Leaks: What’s the fastest way to cut methane emissions?

7/08 GeoMicroDistricts: A vision for the post-gas world.

9/18 Coping emotionally with climate change: Maintaining our equilibrium while taking action.

9/29 Health and Natural Gas—From fracking to your stove: The impacts of natural gas on our health and the health of our environment.

9/30 A history of Gas Leaks Allies and organizing from the center: How Gas Leaks Allies incorporates cooperation, kindness, and major successes.