Networked Geothermal on Your Street?

Dorchester, MA
October 1, 2020

With all three big gas utilities in the state likely to pilot geothermal, we are looking for potential sites.  Do you want it on your street?  Do you know of a developer who might be interested? Do you want us to talk to your town? Let us know here.

This map shows all the locations in the state where utilities are planning to replace gas pipes over the next 5 years. Rather than have new gas pipes installed on your street—locking your street into fossil fuels for decades—wouldn’t it be great to have clean renewable energy installed and paid for by the local utility? Take a look at the map to see if your street is about to be dug up. If it is, it might be easier to convince your neighbors that this is the time to transition. 

Whatever sites are selected for these pilots, they will likely receive free heating and cooling systems. We don’t make the decision on which sites will be selected, but we want to make sure there are some great sites to choose from.