Reducing Food Waste with the Boston Area Gleaners

December 14, 2021

In November, the HEET team put our efficiency skills to the test with a trip to the Boston Area Gleaners. Gleaners is a wonderful nonprofit that harvests surplus farm crops and distributes them to communities facing food insecurity. Gleaners has been a key partner in Our Table, an initiative launched by Lawrence community leaders with HEET’s support to bring fresh food to families.

Together, we packed 500+ boxes of fruits and vegetables. Like the produce, we were imperfect, but enjoyed moving this nutritious food forward to be enjoyed. 

Thank you, Gleaners, for all that you do! 

Top left: Eric Juma, Andie Marczewski, Carrie Klein and Katherine Fisher hold butternut sqaure. Top right: Martha Schmitt, Katherine Fisher, Eric Juma, and Carrie Klein packing boxes with Gleaners staff.