Six GeoMicroDistrict demos approved for Massachusetts!

February 28, 2022

As The Boston Globe recently reported, Eversource Gas and National Grid Gas, the two largest utilities in Massachusetts, have both received approval to install demonstration projects using HEET’s networked geothermal model: non-emitting systems of networked ground source heat pumps.

The Mass. Attorney General’s Office will oversee an opportunity to design, install, own and operate an additional networked geothermal in the Merrimack Valley, funded by a settlement with the former Columbia Gas. We are thrilled to see this progress in-state, plus the growing interest in geothermal networks across the country. Right: Illustration by Ally Rzesa, Boston Globe Staff.

P.S. Wondering how the networked geothermal works? Check out our new video to learn how this innovative energy solution has captured the attention of utilities and climate activists alike. Please share on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram!

Eversource Gas Selects Framingham: 

After months of careful consideration, Eversource Gas has chosen Framingham, MA, as the location for the utility’s first networked geothermal installation. Construction will begin mid-2022. Congratulations to Framingham and thank you to all who have been attending HEET’s Design Charrettes for your input and recommendations on site selection!

National Grid Gas Approved for Four Geothermal Networks:  

National Grid has received the green light to build four networked geothermal demonstration projects in Massachusetts! The utility will ensure that all buildings connected to the GeoMicroDistricts are provided with new electric appliances (i.e. electric stoves, water heaters, dryers), making these demonstrations of complete building electrification.  

This electrification is a huge step towards showcasing the technology - from ground to home appliances - of HEET’s proposed Gas-to-GeoMicroDistrict transition pathway, providing efficient and equitable building electrification at the speed and scale we need. 

MA Department of Public Utilities has set details for National Grid's installations:

  • Scope: Four pilots of 20-40 customers each, including businesses and homes 
  • Timeline: Five years to find sites, install the infrastructure and assess the results
  • Total cost: $15.6 million 
  • Site selection: The utility will prioritize sites with different heating and cooling needs, with aging leak-prone pipe or gas constraints (i.e. not enough gas for all the customers in the area), and with low income customers or in environmental justice communities. 

HEET will continue to engage with National Grid to make recommendations around design and implementation throughout the installation process.