Weatherizing for the winter

HEET team members worked together with Harvard Kennedy School of Government students to insulate an attic at First Church Nazarene in Central Square.
November 23, 2022

This fall, HEET hosted a work day with the Harvard Kennedy School of Government to insulate an attic at First Church Nazarene in Central Square. Jason Taylor, HEET board member and a weatherization expert, estimates this work will reduce the church's bills by about 800 therms—or close to $800 annually in heating cost reduction.

As we head into what could be one of the most expensive winters in recent history due to rising energy costs, we’re thinking of small actions that can make a difference in our energy bills. 

Weatherization is one important strategy. By sealing the cracks and insulating, heat is kept inside in the winter, and cool air in the summer, reducing your energy needs for comfort year round. HEET’s middle name is energy efficiency, after all, and we stand by it! 

In Massachusetts, there are many local options to opt into community choice electricity, where the municipality makes an aggregate purchase of electricity for the community. Your electricity will still be delivered by the same utility, but your rate will often be lower. Go to MASS.GOV municipal aggregation programs to learn if you can opt-in to one of the programs to reduce your electric rate and maybe also green your electricity. All In Energy, a local non-profit, can also guide you through the process and let you know if you qualify for additional cost-saving programs. Email or call 857-309-5080. 

MassSAVE is currently offering free insulation for renters in two, three or four family units who can get the whole building and the landlord to agree to allow it. For single family homes, 75 percent of the air-sealing and insulation is covered. Learn more about the program here, or by calling 866-527-7283. If you run into any problems, reach out to us at