WegoWise Helps Measure Race to Solar's Success

July 7, 2014

HEET partnered with Boston-based utility intelligence provider WegoWise to ensure that Race to Solar participants understand the program's benefits to their bottom line and to the environment. Using WegoWise's platform, all 40 nonprofit organizations participating in Race to Solar can track their reduction in grid electricity use and confirm their savings.The process is simple. Race to Solar participants answer basic building questions and provide their utility login to WegoWise. The platform then automatically accesses monthly utility data, normalizes energy use by square feet and compares it against similar buildings. WegoWise brings to life how buildings perform compared to peers with engaging data visualizations, the platform not only can confirm the both the energy generated by solar and the energy consumed from the grid, but also can pinpoint performance problems with heating,plumbing, etc., As a result, owners can fix problems early and ensure their investment in clean energy is delivering as expected.

WegoWise-Tracking 2

WegoWise has donated access to their platform, which counts more than 1,000 customers in Boston and nationwide. To learn more about how the platform works visit www.wegowise.com. You can also learn more about the power of efficiency on the company’s interactive visual data website: data.wegowise.com.